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Honourable Shri Dattaji Meghe, sitting Member of Parliament [Lok Sabha],is an architect of NAGAR YUWAK SHIKSHAN SANSTHA.He has been the guiding star in spreading the fragrance of education. His "can-a-more" service for the nation brought about, on intellectual rejuvenation has transformed the social, education, economic and cultural fields of rural Maharashtra.

Noblesse oblige, an aspirant of utopian society, Shri Dattaji Meghe, has done samaritan service to the common man of Maharashtra by startinga small educational institute more than two decades back. Success raised

the institution high above the skies where one can see 40 institutions ranging from Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Medical Science, pre-primary Education, Science, Commerce & Social Science to name a few.

NAGAR YUWAK SHIKSHAN SANSTHA educates thousands of students every year with 1200 exemplary & exceptionally skilled staff. His profound interest and love for children insists excellence in all walks of life, education, discipline and above all welfare of the students and the staff.

Devoted and highly qualified faculties, well equipped laboratories, full fledged library, play grounds, cafeteria and transport facilities contribute their part in achieving his aim to provide the best. The promising students, to strengthen his desire, have been coming up with excellent results in their exams & other extra activities. His longing & unquenching thirst to serve the nation drew him to pay more attention to woman's education & preservation of our cultural heritage like music, drama, painting & other arts. 

To say Dattaji Meghe is a man who believes....

'Where the willingness is great
The difficulties cannot be great.

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